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Thread: rental car choices

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    rental car choices

    I've noticed over last while that it is next to impossible to rent a 2 door compact/economy car these days. Used to be plenty of 2 door cars available without having to fork out a premium for a convertible. This makes life harder when you're quite tall and long in the legs and pulling a chair in/out of a 4 door car with little gap between the dash and the B-pillar. Anyone have any knowledge or advice on this matter?
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    I use a folder so that helps. Most of the time I can sneak it in. Some times I need to break it down. The Nissan Altima's doors open wider than most, that helps. The Masda 3 had a passenger side front seat that slide far forward and that helped. But yea rental cars are getting to be a bigger pain. Budget won't rent you a small car, they up grade you to full size. The mechanics are too fat to get under the dash to put on the hand controls. Be careful too. I've had a rental that, when I moved the steering wheel down it contacted the hand control and you couldn't turn the car. Also on cars with a foot operated E brake they don't put an adapter on.

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    Good information, thanks.
    Anyone else have anything to say?

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    F.Y.I. I called Hertz yesterday to ask if they knew what self loading chair users preferred these days for a rental car, the girl on the other end was heads up and understood the ease of loading in/out of 2 door over 4 door. She called the airport we're flying into and it turns out Hertz keep a 2 door automatic hatchback for that very reason. I was really impressed and shortly after received my email confirmation with full breakdown including arrival/departure, accessible shuttle pick and drop off, car, hand controls etc.
    Great job Hertz!

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    Take a pic or two of those Hertz hand controls, I'd be curious how that looks. FWIW, get a set of some portables like the Sportaid kinds, preferably used (and cheap) off someone. That and a double roll of HD Velcro and maybe some zip ties (for probable gas pedal attachment issues), and you pretty much can rent anything without the fuss

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    Just a quick follow up on the rental car... We get there and it turns out to be 4 door Altima! However, like baldfatdad stated, Altima doors open wider and indeed the layout of the car was easy to get in/out and pull chair in/out also.
    Moral of the story... If you are renting a car, I recommend asking for an Altima

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