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Thread: The Connected Catheter by Spinal Singularity

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    The Connected Catheter by Spinal Singularity

    The Connected Catheter by Spinal Singularity

    The world's first semi-permanent, fully internal, smart catheter system for Neurogenic Bladder.

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    Interesting. Unfortunately not for women, and not sure that it would be helpful for those with an areflexive bladder, nor for those without good hand function. Also, they don't address some of the evidence that simply having a foreign object inside the bladder (for example a Foley balloon or in this case, the sensor and retaining device) can actually be a cause of UTI. Will have to watch this...I suspect just getting FDA approval will take a number of years.


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    I wonder how difficult it would be to remove? A few years back a new foley design used a similar method to keep the foley from pulling out. No balloon. It required a urologist to insert it and extract it using a stylet. I would be kind of paranoid of just anyone trying to remove it in an emergency situation.
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    If your phone battery drains, and you don't get a reminder to open the valve in time, then the catheter drains ?

    "The valve is designed so that when the bladder reaches a certain pressure (just below the safe limit), the valve will open with or without user input."

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    Yea that made me wonder. I understand the protecting the kidneys part, but what if something happened and you peed your pants in the middle of something really important....
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    i can see that tiny valve getting blocked by the very same crap it causes being inside the bladder for long periods.

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