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Thread: Understanding Scarring

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    Understanding Scarring

    After a spinal cord injury, the damaged fibers in the spinal cord can hardly regenerate; movements and sensations are thus limited or completely impossible. This limitation comes in part from the formation of a scar around the injured area.
    In order to solve this problem, Wings for Life started supporting an innovative project at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden a few years ago. A group of scientists under the direction of Dr. Christian G?ritz and Dr. Jonas Fris?n found...


    P.S. It would be interesting if Wise could comment since his views about the scar have been rather different from what reported in this study
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    He did... Many many Many many times....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    He did... Many many Many many times....
    In 2005-8 he commented on a study only released last month?

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    Here's the abstract and full paper link published in Cell. LINK

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