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Thread: Female incontinence

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    Female incontinence

    I'm a t9 para and do intermittent cathing. I don't take any meds because I don't have spastic bladder but stress incontinence. I've been frequently more incontinent and when it happens it's a flood. Very different from the past when I would leak a little every now and then. I don't have a uti. I have an appt with the urologist next week to discuss solutions. I want to try the urethral bulking injections but would like to hear any personal experiences. If that doesn't work then what? I've read about bladder slings and artificial sphincters but do they work? If I had a mitrofanoff what's to stop the leaking from the urethral? I hope someone can answer my questions. ,
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    Artificial sphincters can erode the urethra and cause major damage.

    The bulking agent was offered and then taken away - not a practical long term solution. Currently on a foley - see urologist in Toronto October 2nd.

    Darlagee recently had the mitro ... thread around here somewhere.
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    Thanks Lynnifer. I did a search but can't find my answers! Hopefully I can do the injections for a while..
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    I am a T6 para and had the injections to tighten my bladder neck years ago, which I feel really did not help at all. It will be 33 years for me this October and I have been dealing with spastic bladder for ever. I take Ditropan 4 times a day and Sanctura morning and night. I still have problems with leaking and have learned to deal with it. For me it seems that if I cath. every 2 hours I can catch it before I have any issues. When I go somewhere that I know the time frame will be to long or travel I us a foley cath. I have not tried the Botox in my bladder and am not to keen on doing stuff like that. I had botox injections in my legs to calm the spasms and had all kind of problems with that.

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    My daughter who is a para had injections, but they worked for about 1 week each time. But the sling worked great. It was done with her own tissue. She was also using vesicare for a while and it helped even though she does not have a spastic bladder. She does not seem to need it anymore.

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    Thanks for the input. I won't put too high of hopes in the injections and will investigate the surgeries further.
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    I just used one of those new Poise Impressa devices. They are placed in the vagina like a tampon,but they are hard and plastic. They work by putting pressure on the urethral. I went to yoga, then home, about 4 leaks. The bad thing is these are really pokey and can cause toxic shock just like a tampon if warn longer than 8 hours. I wonder if the Ballon part of a foley would work like that! I don't have a period anymore (menopause ) but maybe a regular tampon would work also.
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    Be careful with the pressure these devices exert in the vagina. It could cause an ulcer in there, something you don't need. A tampon might accomplish the same thing, but would caution against leaving it in too long!

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