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Thread: toilet chair

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    toilet chair

    I am in the market for a new toilet chair. The one I have sits very snug next to the sides of the toilet. Twice now the wax seal has broken and we have leaks. I suspect when I transfer, the chair bangs against the toilet, eventually breaking the wax seal. Any suggestions for toilet chairs that don't have cross arms that hug next to the toilet bowl? Thanks.

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    If you find one let me know! I use my shower bench on the toilet and remove the cross bar then drill a hole 2" higher so it's installed without pressing on the toilet. I also drill small holes in the plugs so water drains out better.

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    That chair looks perfect....but, wow, $1175! Any thoughts on whether insurance might pay for it? I know that my private insurance does cover toilet chairs, as they paid for my current one, which is six years old. But it seems to me they'd balk at such a high priced one.

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    Most insurances do not cover bathroom equipment, following Medicare rules, so you are lucky yours does cover it. You can see if they will cover this one ahead of time (prior authorization) but may need to get a medical justification letter from your provider for why you need this one (emphasize the safety and padding for pressure ulcer prevention, not the need to protect your toilet).


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    Thanks so much. I will be looking into this today!

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    I have had that chair/shower bench for 6 years. It breaks down very small and fits into carry case. It is high quality.
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    The carrying case is awesome. That would solve another huge need for me as it's such a pain to travel bc of the toilet chair. There doesn't seem to be a dealer near me, though, so this might take some fanangling.

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    You can contact the guy directly.

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    They make a reusable rubber donut seal that will stay sealed. I use the toilet for leverage to transfer and partially stand. Always prying it around.

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