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Thread: Fever as a quadrepelgic

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    Bummer glad you went in to get checked out both of you guys feel better! Lynnifer i would go and get that cough checked out especially if you had fever. Could be pneumonia.
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    The fever could be viral - they are just as nasty as bacterial infections, sometimes nastier. The best things to do for that are exactly what you are doing. If your symptoms continue more than a few days and you are not starting to feel better, I would go back and get checked out again. Viral infections can turn into bacterial ones.

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    Pretty sure the fever is breaking, don't think I get to leave the hospital today though . The ultrasound came back with inflammation in my right kidney. Getting antibiotics every six hours, and the pain has gotten better

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    Someone in my building had the same as me so something is going around down here. Glad your fever broke! Major fatigue now.
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    There seems to be a couple of bugs going around- one, respiratory the other GI. They start as viruses, so there isn't much you can do other than treat the symptoms. It's when they turn bacterial that you need the antibiotics. Glad to hear you are both getting better.

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