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Thread: Fever as a quadrepelgic

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    Fever as a quadrepelgic

    I went to the er today because of abnormal amount of pain temp was36 but I was. Freezing in the hospital. Got home pain was better after catheter was changed I was freezing so used 3 blankets my mother noticed I was hot checked temp and it was 39.5 now I can't sweat took 1 Tylenol extra strengh are there any other remedies to lower my temp. I won't go back to the hospital. Obviously have taken off a few blankets and lowered room temp.

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    Infection? Woke with fever myself and now feeling pretty sick. Unfortunately, the temps take a while to normalize - especially when sick. Try a good old fashioned ice pack in a wet wash cloth for the forehead and a minute or two at a time beneath the underarms (that's what I do) ... but careful you don't swing back the other way too cold.

    This, along with bowel and bladder, I find to be one of the worst aspects of paralysis.
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    Take tylenol and motrin alternate them i take 2 extra strength tylenol then in 4 hours if still temp take 2 motrin till the fever breaks.
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    It's 40 when I went to the hospital my white blood cell count was 6.4

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    You can actually take Tylenol (or generic) and Motrin (or generic) at the same time as they are chemically different. You do need to make sure you do not exceed daily max for either. I learned this when my older son was little and ran high fevers with ear infections.

    I do not know if a white count of 6.4 is an indicator of infection. Maybe the SCI nurse can give some insight. I also cannot relate to the metric temps (sorry-we still use the ancient system). You can also try a cool (not cold) shower of bath to reduce your body temp. Just be sure it is only cool as cold may cause you to go into shock from the sudden change. Fever unto itself is not dangerous if it does not get too high and the source of infection is being addressed. Fever is your body's way of fighting the germs. Again, you cannot let it get too high but a mild fever is actually good for you to fight the infection.--eak
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    Alternating the tylenol with motrin is one of the best ways I have found to bring down a fever. DO NOT exceed the maximum dose per day of either. Also make sure that you drink plenty of fluids - not too cold. Try not to pile on the blankets, it doesn't help and may increase your discomfort. You didn't say if you were started on an antibiotic. if so, it takes 48 hours or so for it to kick in.

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    Well unfortunately even though I was taking the Tylenol extra strength my temperature went up to 40.2 c I was up all night so I went to the hospital. They are going to keep me here a few days, just had a ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder. White blood cell count still not that high. But the fever just keeps coming back. I had a really hard six months in acute care after injury, spent way too much time there because everything that could go wrong did. I haven't spent more than eight hours in a hospital since, not going to lie with me told me I was pretty fucking terrified pussy I know. I have a lot of antibiotic resistance so they're giving me K flex through IV this antibiotic resistance is becoming a concern. Hospital staffdoesn't seem to take it Seriously

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    , I haven't been able to eat much and I didn't take my multivitamin or my vitamin D! I am supposed to avoid dairy, Getting all these medications on a empty stomach without taking my vitamins has the concerned about my bone health

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    X fever just goes down temporarily with Tylenol, As soon as it wears off it goes back to 40c haven't slept in two days

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    My fever is gone but I have a lung cough ... wonder if something is going around? I hope you get some sleep soon!
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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