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    I'm a Canadian para and going to live on my own in a few days! But I found last week the CCAC (they provide home care) no longer provides stretching as a service. I have chronic nerve in my leg and I've been stretching since my injury almost 11 years ago.

    How many people get stretching done? Where are you from?
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    Have you tries using a stretching loop band? It will probably take some practice but with upper body strength and coordination, you should be able to do it.--eak
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    Most of our clients with paraplegia can learn how to do their own range of motion (stretching) exercises with a few minor pieces of equipment like leg loops and/or Theraband.


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    I agree with KLD. Someone should be able to set up a program for you to stretch yourself. That way, you are not limited as to the time of day that you are doing it.

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