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Thread: suspension straps training?

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    suspension straps training?

    Please watch this video and tell me what you think. It seems like it could be benefical to someone with an injury, of course it wouldn't be as easy as 123, but I see possibilities. Appreciate feedback, thank you!

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    There are a million and one ways to use suspension straps like those for someone with an injury. Incomplete, discomplete, para, quad, it doesn't really matter. If you can set yourself up safely (grip the handles, stabilize your joints properly, get proper instructions on how to set the straps up and set yourself up) the possibilities are endless.

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    Is there one specific for someone with an injury? My only worry would be that it would cost much more than this one. I truly think this could help me and others greatly. Of course safety would be a concern. I think I'm aiming at going for this, it's like if it can help me why would I not give it my best shot.

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    I use the TRX system with my clients. Little bit easier setup, single mount point, and it allows for infinite adjustability rather than fixed rings to move the handles to.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Thanks Eric! Are there any good attachments that make it more safer, like using a gait belt or harness? Not nesessary just curious. And I'm assuming it can also be used to do a number of exercises from a seated position if needed? Have you seen great improvements to sci individuals that workout with this? Which trx is the best to get with the most accessories and possibilities? Thank you, Ian

  6. #6 These are the main straps on the human trainer. Not a great picture but what I find so good about it is the multiple rings you can hook your handles into. Any ideas how I could make two straps like this to maybe do some sitting down exercises with?

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    With the two strap system, it seems like if you got your arms secured at the right height in standing using the ab slings that you would be pretty secure. Thoughts?

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