INFINii (Infiny-eye), is just getting started, still in the BETA stage. There are many, many ways to make money but basically I am starting by selling on eBay. I put up my 1st eBay listing last night. I struggle with comprehending everything so I am starting off very slow, following directions.

Recruiting is just one of the many, many various sources of income in INFINII but it is NOT necessary, so I don't NEED to ask you to join me in my downline 'tree' in order to earn an income! I hate building downlines as it is a real weakness for me so I am NOT sharing this with you for that reason.

A little history, it all started with a program 2 years ago called DSD = DS Domination = Direct Sales Domination. Buying low and selling high. A lot of expensive training on a somewhat easy system to follow, but I didn't have the self confidence to try DSD. INFINii grew from that and has super simplified the buying and selling plus added many more, new avenues of income.

If you'd like to be Home from Work permanently,or just have an income period, I'd invite you to check this out and Share the Link!