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    Online No Script Cipro

    So my order arrived from the Canadian New Delhi...since when is there a New Delhi Canada? none the less, it's 500mg Ciproflaxin. Same thing that pharmacy takes 2 hours to "dispense." ?? (WHY does it take them two hours to dispense a pre-made drug? they aren't exactly compounding, are they.) Nonetheless, I really don't like going to the doctor EVERY time I get a UTI, and smuggling in a 'Urine Sample' (Good boy! here's a dog treat.)

    Anyway, Indians have these...worms or whatever? is that going to be on the drug?

    Oh, and the "Canadian Pharmacy" in Indian can KEEP their "bonus Viagra." God forbid, I might get "an erection lasting for more than four hours" and have to call an escort for help

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    You are unwise to be treating yourself with an broad spectrum antibiotic for UTIs. This is pretty much a sure way to end up with several MDROs that are highly resistant to this whole class of antibiotics...and then when you get a true infection (sepsis) you may have nothing available to treat you. You don't even have any way of knowing if the "Cipro" actually have ciproflaxin in it...or what may have been substituted for it.


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    Dear Moderator. Thanks for the feedback on this, I sincerely appreciate it. Chemically, how does one test a drug for authenticity? Would there be an off-the-shelf kit I could purchase?

    it seems the RIGHT way to do this would be measuring the absorption spectrum of the substance in question:

    At the end of the day, I'm better off just going to see my doctor :| How boring
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    A laboratory would need to do such testing. There is no OTC test kit for drug purity or content. That is what is required for the FDA to approve a drug in the USA.


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    In addition, be aware that Cipro leads to some dangerous reactions in some people, particularly older people. Tendon ruptures can occur up to 3 months after using Cipro, and it can lead to nephritis, a very dangerous kidney condition. I can personally testify!

    If an antibiotic that is not a flouroquinolone will work, use it.

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