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Thread: Nurse, Anyone; Looking for a Plastic Surgeon in the Houston, Texas Area

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    Nurse, Anyone; Looking for a Plastic Surgeon in the Houston, Texas Area

    I need to find a plastic surgeon in the Houston area ASAP. I have an ischial wound that was debrided on August 7th and has had a wound vac on it since August 12th. I've been seeing a wound care doctor and have seen 2 plastic surgeons at this point. I found out that the one that did the debridement doesn't have a good reputation & has a high failure rate so I'm not seeing him anymore. I was referred to the other one by one of my doctors after I was released from the hospital. I'm leery about letting her do the surgery because she graduated from medical school in 2012 and mainly does cosmetic surgery so I doubt she's done very many flap surgeries.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! I'm a nervous wreck about having this surgery.😢


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    Sent you a PM with info.
    Hope he's not one of the ones you already saw.

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    I would recommend contacting TIRR and seeing if they can refer you to the plastic surgeons that they work with. Talk to their wound care nurse:


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