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Thread: Power chair owners input is needed

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    Thumbs up Power chair owners input is needed

    My neighbor works for Invacare and asked me if I knew some people that wouldn't mind taking a 45-60 minute phone interview. This is the email he sent me.

    A major home medical equipment manufacturer is conducting a limited number of phone surveys to better understand, from your perspective; your introduction to and engagement with your power wheelchair and related homecare products. Having the opportunity to listen to your experiences will help us identify ways to better serve the SCI population in the future. These phone interviews will take approximately 45-60 minutes and we will compensate you with a $25 prepaid VISA card for your time. Please email Tom Tuckowski at if interested.

    I unfortunately am in a manual chair and he knows that ha!

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    Just wanted to bump this.

    I talked to Tom today to see if anyone had contacted him. He said he had a couple but needs more input.
    If you have the time, Tom is a cool person to talk to and heck he'll give you 25 bucks for your troubles. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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