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    Did Acorda pharmaceutic drop chondroitinase! Completely took it off their pipeline

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    Why don't you contact them directly and find out?

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    It's not in their therapy "clinical trial" pipeline chart because it's not in a sanctioned FDA clinical trial. It is still listed in all of the other research, product and development sections at the Acorda website if you look around.

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    I noticed that, I was just curious because it was on their pipeline before in the R&D spot.

    Jim I've learned that you don't contact those kind of companies, they don't contact me back!

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    The web designer put together a nicer looking pipeline type chart for all the products in various phases of trials. They didn't include a separate section for other things that are pre-clinical anymore but certainly Chondroitinase wasn't "dropped" by Acorda...

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    Actually they're on Twitter ... I asked for you and was given an email contact via direct message. I'll follow up when I feel better .. or, contact him yourself.

    Hi Jennifer. Please contact Jeff Macdonald, Sr. Director of Corporate Communication, for more information on this topic: jmacdonald at acorda dot com Thank you for reaching out-Acorda
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    Chondroitinase optimization for human trials is actually being done over in the UK with Spinal Research anyway...LINK

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