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Thread: Fusion 16 axles for Terminator T6

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    Fusion 16 axles for Terminator T6

    I found a couple of fusion 16 wheels in my garage.

    They look really nice. I went in to replace my spinergys and...

    It did not work. The hub is significantly more narrow on the fusion16. I cannot mess with axle itself. It looks like over a 1 inch difference.

    I was hoping that somebody here might know offhand what size axles I need to make this work.


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    What make and model of chair?

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    Terminator from Top End.

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    Put the wheel on the chair. Pull the wheel away from the chair and measure the distance between wheel and axle housing. Get and axle that much shorter then what you have.

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    I'm trying to put Spinnergy Wheels on my topend chair but my axles are too short. could you let me know how long your axles are? we could even trade.

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