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Thread: Quads who live alone that use PCAs

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    Sample Craig's List ad

    Here is a sample for one of the part-time positions we had for my mother:

    Assist older woman with MS with personal care, transfers (using a ceiling lift), toileting, catheterization, light homemaking (laundry, dishes, etc.), errands, grocery shopping and cooking. Located in south XXXXXX/XXXX XXXXX.

    Wednesdays & Thursdays ONLY, 3:30PM-8PM. Other hours may be available occasionally. Ideal for students or someone seeking additional income aside from a full-time job.

    No live-in.

    Training provided.

    Female only.

    Reliability and trustworthiness a must. References will be checked. Background check required.

    Transportation not provided. Must have own vehicle and valid CA driver's license.

    Must be legal resident. Must speak English.

    For more information, call 310 XXX-XXXX.

    Location: South Bay
    Compensation: $12/hour to start. Potential for increase based on performance. No withholding.
    This is a part-time job.


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    Here is another:

    Personal Care Attendant (AM Shift) weekends (Saturday & Sunday ONLY)


    • Female
    • Non-smoker
    • English speaking
    • Green card if not a US citizen
    • Have reliable transportation (own vehicle and driver?s license)
    • References and background check required
    • Experience preferred but not required

    Work required

    8:00 AM - 1:30 PM

    • Inspect skin.
    • Supervise medications.
    • Catheterize and change incontinence pads.
    • Transfer to wheelchair using power lift.
    • Transfer to toilet as needed using power lift.
    • Transfer to shower chair and bathe (two days weekly) using power lift.
    • Dress.
    • Apply TED hose, braces and shoes.
    • Assist with oral care and hair.
    • Apply hearing aids.
    • Prepare and serve breakfast.
    • Supervise medications.
    • Wash dishes.
    • Assist in setting up at computer.
    • Run errands or do laundry as needed.
    • Catheterize and change incontinence pad if needed.
    • Transfer to easy chair using power lift.
    • Assist with TV.
    • Prepare and serve lunch.
    • Wash dishes.

    For more information, call 310 XXX-XXXX.

    Location: South Bay
    Compensation: $12/hour to start. Potential for increase based on performance. No withholding.
    This is a part-time job.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelman21 View Post
    Do you private pay? If so, how much? Where do you advertise for PCAs? Would you happen to have a copy of the ad you use? Do you turn yourself at night? I don't know what it is, but I have a difficult time finding PCAs. I would love to get a team of 3 or 4 caregivers that could do my morning and night cares. I just put an ad on Craigslist last Friday and I got 1 response. Doubt that one person wants to work 7 days a week morning and night. Don't know if it's because of pay rate being offer, I use Medical Assistance, or if it's something else.
    While I was a student with little/no income, I used the CDAS program through Colorado (lets you manage your own caregiving staff within an approved budget, paid through Medicaid benefits). Since starting work, I no longer qualify for that program, so I private pay. I pay $14-$20/hour depending on the type of shift and their experience. I have also started hiring people under a "probationary period" where they receive only $10/hour while they are being trained by another caregiver. It helps reduce cost during training, and it reduces my losses when someone decides early on that the job doesn't work for him/her. I live in a small town in Oklahoma, and it can be especially hard finding caregivers. There's a very small pool to pull from! I try to use ads that yield more responses that I can filter. The alternative is a highly detailed ad that can scare off potential caregivers. Your goal of having 3-4 caregivers is perfect; as I mentioned before, that's my approach as well. Not only is it tough for someone to work 2x daily 7 days a week, but things will happen and you'll need back up!

    If it helps, here's an example of an ad that I have used. I use similar ads for evenings and include very minor details about bowel programs. In a bigger city I used to use craigslist, but I have found the power of local Facebook jobs pages in my current town. You can also place ads in local colleges/nursing schools, hospitals, etc. This time, I was particularly flexible about the available shifts.

    Caregiver Wanted

    I am a XX-year-old male living in XXXX who works full-time. I am currently looking for an assistant/caregiver for morning shifts. I would like to find someone interested in any of the following: Sunday (3 hours), Monday ? Friday (1.5 hours). Sunday morning starts at 9 AM, and Monday ? Friday mornings start at 5:45 AM. I am looking to fill only 3-4 of these available shifts, so let me know what works for you. The responsibilities for each shift include:
    -Range of motion
    -Catheter care
    -Transfer to wheelchair
    -Assist with exercise bike (Sunday only)
    -Minor housekeeping/organization (Sunday only)
    While I will be able to provide training for all of these tasks, candidates with experience in any of these areas, particularly with quadriplegics, are especially encouraged to apply. The pay is $xx per shift (Monday ? Friday) and $xx per shift (Saturday/Sunday). There are also occasional opportunities to fill in for other morning or evening shifts, depending on your availability. Please inquire for details.

    The key qualities that I look for any caregiver are reliability, professionalism, and dedication. E-mail me to find out more!

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