My nephew (formerly niece) is in the process of going from female to male. Using the "wrong" gender pronoun or calling him 'Francis' instead of 'Fred' (not the real name) elicits a disproportionate response. Interestingly enough more so from his parent than him. Logically, if I suddenly decided that I wanted people to call me "Bob" instead of the name I have had since birth getting mad at people who called me my old name out of habit would be a bit silly. However transgendered people face a lot of discrimination even from gays and lesbians so I cut them some slack.

To answer your original question, if you want to be "PC" or just simply polite you should not have used the term "misogynistic" since you normally wouldn't use that term for one woman being rude to another. You should have said she was being a "bitch" as well.