I was having an online discussion with a woman who had transgendered from male. She saw some pets in a store locked up with no aircon or fans going on the weekend and called 911 - four times. She then called the operator a 'heartless bitch,' because the operator said it wasn't important. (Calling the pet store only got you a voicemail with no option to leave a message. I said calling New York City 911 4 times seemed a bit excessive).

I mentioned that perhaps they were inundated with other calls - you never know what's going on. She proceeded to tell me that operator's job and called her a heartless bitch again.

I said I thought that was a little misogynistic ... I don't like it when women tear others down, especially using a derogatory term like, 'bitch.'

She then went on this tirade asking me if I was aware of her gender and accused me of calling her a man because I said her terminology was misogynistic. I pride myself on being politically and socially correct.

I know it's difficult to tell in a relayed third party conversation ... but was I wrong? So a female who has transitioned from male cannot be misogynistic by default?