Dear All,

I am looking for an experienced and a very good spinal cord surgeon/expert who is willing to read MRI for certain cost to get a second opinion for my Dad's condition. This will be done via the internet where I will send my Dad's MRI then to have it analyzed and discussion with me or/and or my dad through phone/email/Skype.

On the background, my dad had a tumor at his spinal cord, already removed at Singapore by a neurosurgeon over there and regularly visit a pain specialist doctor at Singapore. But his pain is still very much bothering him although he already have a spinal cord stimulator implanted and the device already checked to be working normal. When I was contacting various spinal cord clinic/doctors, one took the liberty of reading my Dad's MRI and found other problem that was not found by the doctor in Singapore. So before we travel to another continent to visit this doctor, getting a second opinion that at least confirm this new finding would be very helpful. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.