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Thread: wtb Spring for composite scissor wheel locks

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    wtb Spring for composite scissor wheel locks

    These are the Out Front compact composite scissor wheel locks. They are in great shape except for a broken spring in one of them. I found replacement spring at for a pretty reasonable $4.50, but it also had $24.90 shipping. So $30 for one tiny spring. I only paid $100 for two new entire wheel locks! Does anyone have an alternate source? Even though these locks have a poor reputation for reliability, I really like using them.

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    I would just call them. They can place the spring in a padded envelope and ship for a couple bucks. If you offer them 10 bucks all in, I would hope they would realize they still would come out ahead, plus make a happy customer.

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    I will say this straight out. The locks work good. Reliability and life is worthless. And the people selling them are no different than life of locks. Sales people selling them are liars.

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    I did call the distributor. They told me that the $24.90 shipping was from the manufacturer and they couldn't do anything about it. I have not called the manufacturer yet.

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