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Thread: Terminology..complete-incomplete vs. ASIA

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    The thing is, many of us old timers weren't and haven't been classified on the ASIA/ASI scale, so we report what our classification was when we were injured, back in the dark ages.....C6/7 complete.

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    Does it in anyway effect how the medical community treats you ?? Just another box for them to write in on their forms!

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    In my experience, the "medical community" wouldn't have a clue or care if you told them you were SCI C6/7 complete or gave them some ASUA or ASI equivalent. They the "medical community" in a local, community medical environment is basically clueless and need to be educated, and that is generally left to each of us to make our way and try to get the best possible care. Many, I might conjecture most of us don't have the benefit of care in a setting where our needs are understood.

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