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Thread: Is it a syrinx?

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    Is it a syrinx?


    Have been having neurological symptoms for the last 3 years in flares and have had multiple tests to look at things with nil resolve. I noticed that in my Cervical MRI in 2012 that my central canal was prominent from C3 to C7 and measured to be as 1.1mm. In 2014 it shows central canal prominence with a maximum of 2.0 mm transverse in size.

    Could this possibly be a syrinx rather than just a prominent central canal as from my understanding, the central canal should remain the same size and a change in size could be indicative of disease progression?

    Would really be interested in your thoughts on this.

    I am also booking in to to get another MRI in about 3 weeks but this time it will be a stand up mri with cervical spine in flexion, extension and neutral positions.

    Thanks in advance. Hopeful someone will be able to give me some insight on this.

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury?

    A syrinx is a cyst in the spinal cord caused by trauma

    What other symptoms do you have?


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