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Thread: SCI Moron - REALLY!

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    You may be able have a claim against vocational rehabilitation for the money you owe.

    Your counselor had an implied authority to tell you they would reimburse it so therefore they may be legally liable to do it even though she did not have the express authority to obligate the funds.

    Someone in her position telling you that they would reimburse you is implied authority to authorize it and subsequently you may be able to recover your monies that way.

    Elevated as far as necessary even though Congressman if you have to.

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    +1. Estoppel litigation against Voc Rehab would seem to apply.

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    Sorry to hear of your experience with vocational rehabilitation!
    I know that in my state, and I believe other state VR programs, they do not 'pay off college loans'. Students with financial need get VR help with tuition, books, sometimes gas allowance, etc., but these same students sometimes obtain student loans too - that they themselves are responsible for.
    The college financial aid office prepares an evaluation of every student's financial need and from this form, the VR counselor and student work out what exactly VR will cover and what student is able to cover. The student can get a copy of this breakdown. A copy must be in client's file, otherwise counselor will be in big trouble if they are providing college funds to a student. If the counselor told you specifically that VR would cover loans, that is very wrong advice. Also, the colleges will not let a student continue each semester unless they are paid tuition money. They won't let a student register for the next semester unless the previous is paid for. I'm surprised the school let you register 3 times with no payment coming in from VR.

    Regarding your art major. It is inexcusable that it became an issue to the counselor. If you were my client with this reasonable goal, you would be approved as long as you passed your college work. Student grades do have to be provided to VR after each semester, for inclusion in client's file.
    The APPEAL process is so important here. I'm sorry if that didn't happen. MOST clients who appeal their program to the local supervisor or manager, WIN. A number of times the counselor has misinterpreted, overlooked, goofed, whatever. The student must use the appeal process if something's not right.
    There's nothing wrong with appealing. The counselor knows it is a client's right and it's written in material given to the client. I often repeated this to a client if they were not in agreement with a decision, though this was rare as decisions were made as a team between client and counselor via the written Rehabilitation Plan for their specific vocational needs.
    Hope you consider finishing your degree if that's still on the table.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I sometimes get overwhelmed with this stuff but I'll keep looking into everything. ❤️

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    good luck I hope your life gets easier kiddo

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