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Thread: Good powerchair deal and repair company in Philly area?

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    Good powerchair deal and repair company in Philly area?

    My husband has a C5 injury and uses a Permobil C500. We live in the Philadelphia area and I just wanted to see if any of you in general Philadelphia area are particularly happy with the company who does your wheelchair repairs. Or like if you know of a company that is even moderately competent. We're with Numotion but we are really not happy with them. Within one week of a recent major repair, the battery started having some messed up problems. We have had problems of a similar nature after major repairs before so that leads us to believe they are messing up wiring and things on the inside when they are doing repairs. We've had other problems too and we've so had it with them.

    So is anyone in the Philadelphia area happy with their "mobility dealer" or wheelchair repair people? We are going to need a new powerchair soon and I don't want these people messing it up. That chair is one expensive and important piece of equipment!! Thank you!!

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    I experienced the same when I was first injured, since then I don't let any DME touch my chairs. I have friends do everything when a repair needs to be done. Most repairs can be done by someone with basic mechanical skills.

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    Sorry that I can't offer an alternative, but I am also with Numotion, and have not been thrilled either. I needed my arm troughs replaced, and it took 4 months. It wouldn't have taken so long if they hadn't shown up to do the repair, only to open the box to find the parts weren't mine. I hope to get a new chair next summer, and am hoping to go with someone else.

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