Hello everyone! My name is Alex, and I am not a native speaker, so sorry for my english grammar
I found on the net interesting design of the car, made in the Czech Republic - Elbee.
Development of this vehicle was conducted 10 years, and finally its launched into production. The first testers say that the machine is returned to them a sense of independence and freedom.
Maximum speed:80 km/h; 49 mph
Length:2,479 m; 8,13 ft
Width:1,330 m; 4,36 ft
Heigth:1,725 m; 5,65 ft
Interior space width:770 mm; 30,3"
Weight:400 kg; 881.8 lb
Engine size:300 ccm; 18,3 CID
Maximum output:12,5 kW
Average fuel consumption:4,5 l per 100 km; 52,27 miles per US gallon

But the price of 20,000 euros seems incredibly high, and few can afford such a purchase.
Do you think this vehicle a convenient for the movement? Is it a viable?