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Thread: Biting and chewing

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    Biting and chewing

    Does anyone know of someone with a brain injury that bites and wants to chew all the time. He also can't swallow. Can I get some suggestions on how to handle this. I'm looking into this for A friend.

    He currently uses a face cloth and chews on that but sometimes tries to bite others.

    He he also tries to bite when his mother tries to brush teeth.

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    These behaviors can occur in someone with certain types of brain injuries. Is this person newly brain injured or is he a long way out from his injury? Did he get any brain injury specific acute inpatient rehabilitation? Swallowing problems are very common in TBI, and not easy to resolve. Many people with TBI need tube feedings long term. A speech pathologist should be working with him (or should have worked with him) on these behaviors and the dysphagia during rehab.


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