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Thread: New van and equpiment

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    New van and equpiment


    I AM NEW TO THIS SITE and STILL TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT! I go tomorrow to get my new MB SPRINTER and then it is off for the equipment. I have a BRAUN VANGATER now in my van but I actually have been looking at the BRAUN UVL for the new van. I have several questions regarding the UVL; 1) How well does it work when you are parked against/with curbs? 2) How does it work with/when parked on roadways that are sloped (tilted)? 3) Has anyone ever bounced a curb and scrapped the UVL? Just checking, please let me know! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

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    If you live where winters are severe, the bigger question about the UVL is how they perform, they often have issues with ice/snow buildup.

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    No big issue w/winter here in NC, mainly curbs. I have been watching videos and they all show usage on flat level ground/parking lots and driveways. I have decided against the UVL. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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    vangator is being discontinued mid sept. mention that to your dealer if they don't inform you rep
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    I've got a sprinter with a VMI/Ricon Slide Away lift. It's been very reliable for over three years.

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