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Thread: What's the best nursing agency to go with in South FL?

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    What's the best nursing agency to go with in South FL?

    I'm a C6 level incomplete tetraplegic. My personal assistant is due to have her baby any day. I've tried finding an assistant through private means, but everyone I've interviewed has been quite flakey.

    I have to go with an agency, but not every agency is prepared to deal with SCI needs. I'm aware of the expense as I know I will have to use an RN, so I'm prepared to do that.

    I reside in the Palm Beach County area.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable, trustworthy, competent agency.

    I privately pay so there will be no insurance involvement.

    Thank you,


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    Even with an RN, you are not going to find someone with SCI experience or knowledge from most agencies. You have to be able to direct the care very specifically, and train in what you need. You might want to contact your local major SCI Centers, such as those at the Miami VA and Jackson Memorial to see which agencies they may link their discharging SCI clients with when needed.


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