Hi and thanks for having me on this forum, good to be around people (virtually) that are experiencing the same things. I am in extreme pain almost all over and no doctor (I've seen 2 neurosurgeons, 2 neurologists, 2 rheumatologists, 1 orthopedic surgeon, and more) has been able to diagnose what these symptoms mean. I am scared and depressed and of course frustrated. Please dont be scared off by my long post - I would appreciate any answers even if its not THE answer Here is my story so far.

I?ve been in a series of car accidents and skateboarding accidents, but never experienced any long term pain from them. In March of 2013 I had a weight lifting injury by bending over and pulling up way to much weight (345 lbs) and this caused moderate pain in my back. I had trouble sitting and bending over. It hurt, but only probably a 3 on the pain scale. I got an MRI and the drs found 2 herniated discs in my lumbar, but they were not impinging on nerves.

As time went on, my mid to upper back started to hurt as well (burning and aching). I asked for an MRI of my entire back, and they found 3 herniated discs in my thoracic. The MRI mentioned possible myelomelacia as well as cord compression. Of the doctors I saw, none of them thought anything of it.

On September 25, 2013 I had a caudal epidural steroid injection into my lumbar spine. Not only did the injection not help, but I felt something was off. My ankle started burning and my knee joints hurt. I continued physical therapy, and things seemed to start doing better.

I traveled to California shortly after that, and after a long plane ride there and back (in which I had to sit in a fixed position for a long time) my butt, entire back, and legs started to burn and tingle. In addition, my right arm started burning intensely. I went to specialists at University of Florida to get an MRI of my leg and arm, but they were absolutely fine.

I interned at Lockheed Martin in summer of 2014 and the pain in my legs, wrists, and back were aggravated so much by sitting that they allowed me to stand at work. They bought me specialty equipment (standing desk, ergonomic mouse, etc). I was even visited by Lockheed?s back therapist every week at work.

On May 8, I had a nerve ablation in my lumbar. The pain in my lower back was helped a little, but the pain in the rest of my body remained.

I was playing volleyball with friends one day, and my right leg started burning so bad and knees tingling so much that I began limping as I walked. I got through the summer and began the fall semester of school.

At this point, both legs, my lower and mid back, and right arm burned and seared with pain. It also hurt in my joints, as if fire ants were inside my elbows and wrists. It took much effort just to go to school and sit through classes

The neurosurgeon then sent me to the neurologist to do Nerve Conduction studies. The study showed that my nerves were not damaged. With this information, the orthopedic surgeon decided my herniated discs were not responsible for my pain. I saw neurosurgeons at Shands, the Florida Hospital in Orlando, and the Mayo Clinic (the one in Florida) who all told me the same thing - the herniated discs are not responsible for the pain and they didn?t know why I was experiencing the pain.

I received a thoracic nerve ablation on December , 20141. The anesthesiologist was hesitant to perform the operation because of the possible myelomalacia that the radiologist wrote on the report, but we decided to go ahead with it anyways. I went back home and went to sleep after the procedure. When I awoke, my left arm, ribs, face, and neck were stiff and burning with pain. I asked the Dr if this was common and he said no. I searched the internet and it seems he was right. It was not a known side effect.

I stopped going to class because I could not sit in a chair. The pain from sitting was too unbearable I started having difficulty concentrating due to the pain. I was prescribed Neurontin, and it helped a bit.

I hadn?t had sex in a while at this point, so I did. The next day, the pain in my entire body was terrible. Not just my back, everywhere. In all the joints, everywhere. My pain was now at the point it was before I took the medication. Medications were added and doses upped. This time, I went to Pennsylvania. Because of all the sitting in the plane, the pain again got worse and my meds were upped again. I was prescribed water physical therapy (the gentlest kind) and I could not even handle that. Any activity AT ALL worsens my symptoms. I was taking a class this summer but had to drop it because I cannot sit in the chairs in class. I moved back to West Palm for the summer to live with my parents because I feel I need moral support from them (in addition to funds by searching for answers).


Achy joints. I can no longer do push-ups because my right wrist hurts so bad. Burning in knees, elbows, wrists. Burning in lower, mid, upper back. Tingling in legs and arms. Cannot sit. When I sit, I get pain that begins in lower back and shoots up to neck and top of skull. Feels like brain zaps. What is weird is that cervical MRI is fine, but my neck still aches. The pain is unbearable. Burning and tingling in groin and ribs and face. Neck stiff, body stiff.

I recently got my meds high enough that I was not in too much pain (if I didn?t sit, that is). I had very slow, controlled sex recently (I was being careful) and I am now in terrible pain again. How is it that having sex with my back would cause my leg, arms, elbows, and wrists to burn? I am suspecting a spinal cord injury, and when I sit or have sex the injury is aggravated or damaged more, causing more symptoms.

Update 8/15/15
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My rheumatoid factor, ETA protein, and CCP
were strong positives, but there is no sign of swelling or hot-to-the-touch joints. I am skeptical of the diagnosis for these reasons and because I am a 29 year old male with no family history of rheumatoid arthritis.


Amitriptyline ? 25 mg at night
Guanfacine ? 3 mg at night
Gabapentin ? 600 mg 4 times per day
Chlorzoxazone ? 750 mg per day
Carbamazepine ? 200 mg at night

Also, for some reason diphenhydramine helps the pain as well.