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    ADI products

    Hello everyone! I'm just curious to know what everyone thinks about the ADI products for a TiLite TRA? I'm looking at the CF Series backrest and Variable level brake.

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    I don't know about the backrest, but I have ADI Disc Brakes (the variable lever ones) and I love them. This is the 2nd chair I've had them on and they've been great! Way better than the scissor lock brakes I had on my old Q7!

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    My husband has the ADI Carbon Fiber Back with Quick Release hardware and we are super happy with it after 2.5 years. We also have an ADI seat base and sideguards and they are also good.

    We also considered the ADI Disc Brakes. I think if they fit your needs they can be great. We opted instead for D's Locks ( because we did not like that we needed to modify the camber tube and have the chair sent to ADI for installation. Mostly what my husband needed was the ability to lock with one hand, and the D's Locks have been very good.
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    Have both. Back rest and variable lever disc brakes. Have it on Tilite ZR. Love them both.

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    Have had the carbon back on two chairs now and I highly recommend them.
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    Thanks guys, their products look good so I figured they were good.

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