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Thread: Cubital Tunnel

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    Cubital Tunnel

    So I developed cubital tunnel about 6 months ago and am having difficulty healing it. Even after seeing OT it still persist. Obviously since I use my arms for everything its hard to just stop using it until it heals. T6 complete.
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    What is your question? Are you working with a good OT or other hand therapist? Learning to do activities in a way that does not further stress your cubital (elbow) area? Something as simple as having a bad habit of leaning on your elbows all the time when reading, or putting a lot of pressure through your elbows on your armrests of your chair can cause this or make it worse. Some people need to consider a surgical ulnar nerve relocation surgery if they cannot get rid of the symptoms otherwise.


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    Well I guess my question was how I can fix it when all my transfers are done with my arms and I use a manual chair. It is the ulnar nerve in my right elbow and while she has helped me cut out what we believe to be the original causes(one being the chair arms so I removed them); the daily use of turning in bed, sitting up, transferring etc, are causing it to flare up now. Wasn't sure if there is something more I can be doing to alleviate this. Ive had it for a while now and hope its not a permanent problem. Thanks for the reply. Oh and she is a hand specialist. So I guess short hand how do I do every day things without making it flare up?
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