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Thread: remembering Sylvana from New Mobility

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    remembering Sylvana from New Mobility

    She passed on bless her heart. She was in a alot of pain so it was ok kind of surprised me though, I always thought she was going to get better. I was recently talking with old friend about the times we had posting in New Mobility and all the friendships that were created. I am grateful for places to meet like CareCure is now. There is a wealth of medical knowledge here that helps SCI like myself that live in a rural area plus if I have a rough day with my SCI I can post about my issues in here and people understand.

    RIP Sylvana (Judy H)

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    Sad to hear that.

    We've lost several people -- too many -- from NM and Spinewire/CC since I first started using the boards back in '98. Some have been mentioned here or on Facebook, others not.

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    hugs Lynnifer

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