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Thread: Did you create exercise equiment by youself?

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    Did you create exercise equiment by youself?

    I am in I my recovery progress so I need some equtment to to exercise at home. However I can't afford to buy some expensive equiment due to financial problem.
    I planning to do one. I will up its photo if It is completed.
    Anyone here did you own equiment with low price and not complicated.
    Please your ideas here! Thank you so much!

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    Used exercise bike cut off the seat and mounted the front part to the wall to use as an ergometer. Hooks in the ceiling and walls to attach stretch bands and cords of various strengths to work out overhead. Dang you can use heavy rocks, tires, anything to make a workout system.

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    Many years ago when I was first injured we built lots of equipment
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    Just so you know all of this and these photos were taken in 1981.

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    Milk jugs filled with what ever is handy. Water, sand, rocks.
    Old bike inner tubes to pull , stretch.
    Push ups.
    Push your chair around the block. Then drag an old car tire behind you.
    A sack, bag half full of sand to try to pick up, push up, drag.
    A ball to throw up. Three balls to learn to juggle. Or three light scarves if your a quad.

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    There are a lot of exercises, which require little to no equipment, and the exercises are sorted by diagnosis and level of physical function. If you have finance problem to get more equipment, or can't do it by yourself, I think you'd better do exercise at home by that way.
    I've searched some video on the Internet for my fiance. They work well as he enjoy them.

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