Hi all,

I've recently gotten a mitrofanoff channel and I'm having a little problem with it. It seems to me that the channel always wants to close up. For instance, I taped a catheter in for a week and, only a couple of hours after I've taken it out, I'm already having trouble getting catheters in again.

Anyway, I asked my nurse about ACE Stoppers. For those who don't know, ACE Stoppers are these nifty little silicon plugs which you can stick in your mitrofanoff to keep it open between catheterisations. Unfortunately, my nurse told me that the company which makes them has decided to stop making them.

However, I live in the UK and I know most people on here are from the U.S. Does anyone know if any U.S. companies make ACE Stoppers, and if so, whether I could order some to be delivered to me? It would be a huge weight off my mind to know that I could use them to keep my channel from closing up between catheterisations.

Many thanks in advance.