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Thread: My social/recreation life has turned into prostitution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Peter View Post
    There is more to the story, folks. Last night, Ipanema invited me to a concert in her town, in lieu of the one in my town. So I went. Ipa didn't even ask me to pay for her beer let alone pay her by the hour. The mercenary bit might be her friend Rochelle's idea. Effective communication is a challenge to this group and messages could get misconstrued.

    Sounds promising, have fun!

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    lol yeah that's what I was thinking that might be a risky thing to say in the best of times but just starting to get to know a lady and ask her that? Cool you didn't get caught up in the little mind games and wrote her off after first meeting. Still be careful. This is just my opinion but I believe many people size each possible date up as to what do they have to offer?

    This man had a lot more to offer sexually back when I could walk but now I am no longer a sexual dynamo so what can I do for them? Make jokes? comb her hair? light her cigarette? buy her a cc permit? write her a poem etc. If the only thing I got to offer a date is money then maybe I am aiming too high.

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