Those who use an rt300, do you know what restorative therapies has set the power going to the electrodes at? When I did my training (over Skype), the therapist increased the power on the quadriceps and hamstrings up to 300 W (Watts?). She left the glutes where they were. Curious if it would be of any benefit to increase the power. Where it is set now, not causing any redness.

What kind of power are your legs producing? I just finished my 11th session, legs start out at just over 4 W, but the number falls down pretty quickly. I had been averaging about 1.4 W when the machine goes into cooldown after 32 minutes. The last time I used it, for an experiment I stopped at 12 minutes and 24 minutes and let my legs rest for 60 seconds. This time the average power went up to 1.77 W.

If I see some benefits over the next six months or so, thinking of adding some more channels to include calf muscles and abdomen. Has anybody had positive results on the abdomen?

Where do you get your new electrodes? Came across a website called, anybody know if they are legit?