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Thread: anyone know a good free streaming mlb site

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    anyone know a good free streaming mlb site

    firefox crashed, i lost my recent bookmarks. i had an excellent found an site to watch free streaming MLB. no signing up or other crap. i searched and all i can find is garbage sites.
    anyone know of a good. I AM SO PISSED OFF!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acksull View Post
    to piggyback off that the comments section are even better

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    With Firefox and add block plus addon...

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    Are you sure your bookmarks are lost, and not just under another profile? If you are on Win 2007 or later you can find all of your profiles, unless you deleted, them in \Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\P rofiles.

    Quote Originally Posted by tvot View Post
    firefox crashed, i lost my recent bookmarks.
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