The longer I have this Invacare TDX with its MK6 controller, the more it perplexes me. You'd think that the state of charge of the battery is important, but the graphic for it is tiny, in the upper right corner, so inconsequential that I often forget to look at it. The biggest item on the screen is the drive number (1-4) it's huge. IMO, it doesn't have to be near that size. The drive level is also shown in a row on top of the display.

In the row at the bottom of the display, the status of the chair (Ready To Drive, Drive Locked Out) is shown, along with a small clock, which is set using the chair's programmer. The clock is hard to read, especially when the bottom row is green (Ready) vs. yellow (locked.) The display is often rendered impossible to read by glare when outdoors.

Don't know who designed the display, but it could have been better, IMO. Oh, well, such is life.

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