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Thread: What kind of water do you drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfietthompson View Post
    I used to drink beer bu now I just drink water. I think it can help me my recovery progress. IS IT RIGHT?
    Yes, drinking water will help your recovery. I also suggest AA meetings if you're having trouble, and if you feel that's not enough clonidine can be useful for acute alcohol withdrawal.

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    I drink filtered water from our refrigerator (Kitchenaid with Whirlpool filter). I drink it from a beat-up 24 oz. stainless steel water bottle that we bought from Starbucks on clearance. These bottles are really good too. We have two.

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    I like the vitamin water or the smart water personally but i know i don't drink enough of it.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009

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    Drinking water is healthy habit. An adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. I applied for my boyfriend, he've got T12 inrjury for two years. He used to be an ancolholic too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekephart View Post
    We drink well water that has been tripple filtered. We use a water softener to remove the iron, a reverse osmosis unit to remove the salt and a pitcher filter (Brita or Zero Water) to remove any remaining minerals. I used the r/o method even when we had city water because if I wanted to drink chlorine, I have bleach in the laundry room. Our water tastes like nothing (as water should). Buying bottled water is just too expensive and most is filtered tap water anyway.--eak
    Some of the best water I've had was from Whole Foods, they had a large machine there, about 8 feet high, that did reverse osmosis and a number of other filtrations. But I don't have space or funds for that. I've tried some of the small, inexpensive filter systems for home use but haven't liked them.

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    I only drink Poland Spring and Deer Park. No tap water for me.

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    out of the tap taste good and before that a swallow well that we beached every so often and a deep well my son live in oh and oh gosh he has terrible water it smells and taste funny sulphur

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimjones View Post
    I only drink Poland Spring and Deer Park. No tap water for me.
    I thought Jim Jones only drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide (sorry, I could not resist!!!).


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    Unfiltered water from a country well.

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    Water that is void of all dissolved minerals is very corrosive. That type of water produced for a number of manufacturing processes is piped through pipes made of stainless steel or CPVC. That type of water is looking to absorb minerals which is why it is corrosive.

    As for well water, which is what I'm on, you have to watch out for arsenic around us. It is a naturally occurring carcinogen that can be found in the ground in various parts of the country. The only way to remove the arsenic is through reverse osmosis. The process is to put the water through a softener and then through an RO unit. For the time being we are only using a softener and our water tastes okay. It could be better, but not worth the cost of an RO unit at this time.

    For drinking water, I mix it half/half with lite cranberry juice or PowerAde.


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