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Thread: Quad butt wiping

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    Kulea..i've tried. I just can't lean and get my hand under there at the same time. Unfortunately this cutout will only go front or rear. I know what you mean. If i could turn it to the side that would probably solve the problem, haha.
    That $49.99 deal looks promising KLD. I can't feel hot or cold down there just pain from sitting, haha. You're always a big help.

    I saw in an older thread somebody mentioned one of these toilet bowl cleaners to hold onto toilet paper. Looks like it may work just might have to figure out how to attach a velcro strap to it.

    It got a little easier today. I found that i can lean forward and get my hand with the baby wipe on it to the right spot, almost like before. Still go in from behind, it's more awkward but hits a different spot at least. What worries me is one of them tore up stomach/blow out days, lol. Guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.

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    For the total "code brown" event, it is often just easier to transfer to your shower/tub chair and take a total bath, protecting your chair, etc. with thick towels until you can get washed off.


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    Haha..."code brown". That's a great idea KLD. I'm usually alone when doing my bowel program. I could probably swing it. I'm just getting older, stiffer and tireder, lol.

    Per your putting the idea in my head. It'd probably be easier trying that than cleaning myself up with wipes and wash clothes. I usually end up having more after effects going from the toilet to the bed anyway. At least i'd be in the shower.

    I turned 50 Oct. 29 of 2014. Seems like ever since that day my whole body just said...."We gonna show you what middle age is all about, boy". Hahaha.

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