I took it about 2 weeks....all I did was eat and sleep. Wake up after 2 hours was beat to death.....sleep for 12 hours after.
So I sleep for 20 hours a day. Help the pain as all I wanted to do was sleep. Stop it cause I wanted some kind of life.....lol
I do much better with the old time medicine as all this new stuff I have tried has way to many side affects for me.
SCI DOC. wanted me to try Tramadol and then Lyrica. Side effects of both were horrible. Lyrica gave me a uti after 2 hours of takeing it and was drunk from it with terrible headache. Second pill was worse and fell on floor getting in wheelchair.
Only way I could live taking this crap if I was in nursing home. Oxy 10mg 2 time a day and valium 10 mg 2 times a day is the best pain help for me. I think I have tried them all over the years and this works the best for me over the last 10 years.
This is just me.....everybody is different. I try the other cause my SCI likes me to try and get off the other. But it just does not work for me. I'll try anything to keep my SCI doctor happy but if side effects are to much at least I tried it.