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Thread: "grooming"

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    I wax. I go to a great girl and she's really kind.
    I would recommend going to a better place so you don't have to deal with ingrown hairs or other problems.
    Perhaps find a nice salon, go in and meet someone by getting a manicure/pedicure first.

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    Absolutely an Epilady. I used one of these long before I was paralyzed (T2 para) and it's great now that I can't feel it! I use it on my face too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Epilator all the way! Rips the hair out and I don't feel it! After years of use you see a lot less hair.
    Does that work on pubic hair? I need to get rid of my 70s look without nicking my dick.

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    I know this is an old thread but I wanted to throw my experience in the pile for future readers curious about this.

    I'm C 5-6 and waxed from age 17- 22. I started with a friend of mine that was experienced in the matter. She did the full "Brazilian" for me and I never had an issue with dysreflexia. She was pretty quick about so it wasn't a big deal. I've never gone to a shop to have it done but there are some people that will come to your home if you explain your situation. Especially if you've established any kind of consistent business with them, like maybe you've been going to the place/person for haircuts or other services for a while. Also, beauty school students are sometimes willing to help for the experience.

    The downside to waxing is you run the potential of damaging the hair follicles and the hair never growing back. After doing mine for as long as I did left me unable to grow a full "bush" ever again (not that I'm complaining!). These days if I let it go it looks like a burned forest. Hahaha.

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    Waxing is great. I am an incomplete T12 L1 and don't get AD, and I have gotten everything done below. I also hate shaving but have blonde hair so it works out when I don't do my legs often. I also bought small, electric clippers at the grocery store that work great for the bush. I either do it while sitting on the toilet so the hair can be flushed or I lay on my bed with a towel under. I don't do between my legs with the clipper, just the front stuff.

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    .OMG I had hair down there. I also have it on the back of my thighs. UGH. Yep, is sooo hard to shave, do the best I can. I am seriously thinking of doing laser hair removal.

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    I've done laser removal on my face and forearms and it was painless and very effective. It's been over 9 years and only a tad of it has come back and just on my forearms. Since the laser works with contrast, if you are dark haired and paler skin you will get the best results. Tanned skin will give you poor results, as well as blonde hair. As for shaving legs, I also have to shave the back of my thighs and i've managed well by raising my foot onto the shower wall in front of me while on the shower bench. Another thing I've tried is using an electric dry razor while on a chux and laying on my side in bed. The chux will capture any hair. To shave the pubic area, I do as someone else mentioned... in the shower, just spreading legs apart. But I found the easiest way is to shave from my chair, scooting forward in the chair and slinging a leg off to the side of the chair to get better access. I use a wet razor/gel for this. Setting a mirror on the counter helps to see where I am shaving very easy.

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