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    I am a Para and I hate shaving. I do it, because I am a woman and I like smooth legs ha ha. But grooming downstairs is a pain in the - well - anyway... I have to use a shower chair and just find it tedious and hard to shave. Have any Paras or Quads out there went the waxing route? If so, pros and cons, have you had a hard time getting up on the tables and turning etc.? Have you had anyone that was nice enough to do it at your home if you couldn't get onto their table? I live in a small rural town and people are nice and helpful, I just haven't asked yet. Anyway, home-waxing, salon-waxing... whatever you have... thanks.

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    I have never waxed, when I used to shave my legs I used an old design for a quad razer. It was a rubber coated band with the refillable razer attached to a tab that stuck up from the band. That made the business end of the razer further away from the hand than holding the razer in the hand or in basic cuff. I tried to find a replacement and just couldn't. A cheap easy way to extend the reach on a razer, using a disposable one might be to get a dowel rod from the local hardware store, most also carry polyethylene tubing - find a size with the diameter that the dowel rod will slide into. Cut it to length with just a hair of plastic at the end of the dowel rod longer to plug with maybe some Instamorph. Using a screw driver attach the razer to the now waterproofed dowel rod with a small metal hose clamp. After a rotator cuff tear I used pretty much the same setup on a comb when I couldn't raise my arm up high enough to comb my own hair. I hope that explanation made sense. Another alternative would be to use something like nair and put it on before getting on the shower bench then wiping it off in the shower with your ankle crossed over the other knee to avoid leaning down.

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    What level is your injury? If you are subject to autonomic dysreflexia, I would worry about waxing causing this problem. Laser hair removal would be less painful, but obviously not available in your home, and expensive. Be careful with depilitory creams as they can be very hard on your skin.


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    I also have major issues shaving my legs (and underarms). I have Cerebral Palsy and my balance is bad to begin with, worse when concentrating, and changing my center of balance to shave my legs or my underarms is only worth it about 4 times a year (because of all the spasms).

    However, the only way I can do it is to use what I guess KLD would call a depilitory cream...Veet (Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover). My pain/sensory system is impaired due to the effects of Cerebral Palsy, so I can't tell if it's painful, but I can tell you that on my skin, generally for it to work long enough for the hair to come off easily, it makes my skin red for a couple of days. I also have enough ability for my legs to feel funny when I put on jeans the next day, and I swear I can feel hair/the loss of it for a couple days until it starts growing back again and gets to a certain length, but other than that I don't know. I guess everybody's skin (and body) react differently, so YMMV.

    Good luck!

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    I do not have autonomic dysreflexia. I am a T7,8,9. I have pretty good reach with shaving my legs, it's more the bikini area that's difficult. Any advice with that? I don't use Nair or other creams.

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    Epilator all the way! Rips the hair out and I don't feel it! After years of use you see a lot less hair.
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    Not sure about the bikini area, as I've never done that one. I do trim that area once in a while with scissors, as it seems to help keep things cleaner and easier to access. (Quite frankly, my common sense might indicate that shaving my bikini area with a razor and spasticity is a bad idea. LOL. )

    I will say that I find it possible to access the area a bit better by leaning back in my shower chair and spreading my legs more open. From here I can do whatever I need to do. I have good upper body control so I'm pretty stable on the shower chair when I lean back, but you do have to be aware of where your particular body is stable and where it's not.

    And, for anyone reading...after using Veet for probably 10 years as I needed it...I think I burnt myself last night with it. I put it on, and immediately it started burning on my upper right leg. My lower leg was fine, so I just thought it was weird (and I had other things to do before getting in the shower). I don't know if I felt some funky feeling on my inside left leg or not but it is also mildly red, as if it got burned too but lesser. My right leg on the other hand is almost entirely red on top, and the inside and outside of it, and I'm not sure about the back of it...but I know it hurt super bad last night which is odd for me to feel. If I had to say it was a burn, I would probably say that it's a deep first degree, because there's no blistering...but it was extremely painful (especially to someone who has impaired feeling).

    Anyway, apparently my mileage varied on the Veet! I might have to try some of the solutions we come up with here on my next attempt at shaving, so please post!

    Take care,

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    I had always used Nair myself, but had a high school reunion over the summer. Well, I had never had any problems from using Nair or something similar, but this time it was like a chemical burn on the bottoms of my thighs. They healed fairly quickly because I put Vaseline jelly on it (it says used for minor burns on the tub) so I thought, sure. I put that on the burns and slept on my stomach so air could get to the backs of my thighs. Just an idea you may look into. Like I said, they were bad. oozing clear fluid and blistered and were completely healed in almost two weeks.

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    Not to hijack a women's thread but you might want to look into sugaring. The gf recently had a friend's recommendation of someone local that does it and she is a believer now after a few sessions.

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    Sugaring is not really less painful than waxing, so can still lead to AD in those who are suspectable.


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