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Thread: Hand Rims

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    Hand Rims

    Quick Bio:

    Age: 59
    Injury: C-6 complete from diving accident in 1976.....39 years post
    Health: Good

    Hello All,

    I have been buying foam hand rims from SportAid for 25 years now for about $99 a pair. They would last a year and then I would re-purchase, at $99 who cares that they last a year. Now, I have been told due to some government regulation the manufacturing process has been halted and they are unavailable. So I tried Q-Grip and they sucked, after 1 week they felt just like black vinyl hand rims. I then saw my old foam hand rims on the Melrose website for $360 a pair. Since I have more money than sense I bought them out of desperation. They suck and are not as good as the $99 pair from Sportaid. Does anybody know where or how I can get a tacky hand rim? I have read the other threads on this forum on hand rims and it looks like the only pair I have NOT tried is Blax, but I am afraid they will also suck.

    P.S. - for the last three years I have had severe neck pain and numbness and tingling in my arms, shoulders and hands. My friends said I had a syrinx, but my surgeon said that would be extremely rare. A CT and MRI proved him right and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and arthritis at C-5. He did a single level neck fusion and I went home the next day.....the pain was completely gone as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia. What does this have to do with hand rims ? It has been 4 weeks since my surgegry and I am feeling stronger than a fuc**ing bull. I have muscles that are getting reactivated that went dormant for years because of the bad C-5. I feel like I could go back to playing quad rugby again at 59. But, I cannot get a decent grip on my hand rims to reach my full potential. Hell, quad knobs would be better than this.....these foam rims are slicker then eel shit. Help !!!!

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    Ive had two pair of Qs; the first pair was crap and didnt last long at all, but Im rough as hell on stuff so I gave a new pair another try. They work very well, but you have to clean them almost daily if you're very active. If you dont they do get very slick. Ive been on my second set for about 6 months and they're like the day I bought them. I guess the first set was a lemon, but Ive heard of this happening with other hand rims as well.

    Thats my .02!

    C5-6 - 22 years

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    Talk to Brain at he's your level and might have some ideas for you. You can see his picture on the web site. Have you looked into Smart Drive or one of the power assist wheels?

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    I'm in the same boat reaton. I've been purchasing the foam push rims from sportaid for years as well. The best push rims by far. I'm C5. I've called sportaid many times hoping they would continue selling the foam push rims but they give me the same Federal Government story. It's pissing me off. I refuse to pay the big $$ for QGrip or blax because I've learned my lesson. I once bought blax and they were horrible. They basically turned into vinyl's as well. They got very slippery.

    The best thing about the foam from sportaid, you never had to wash them. No maintenance and they kept good grip and they didn't shred your hands. The foam also provides a little cushion for your hands while pushing. The thickness of the foam helps. We need to get to the bottom of this government story. If it's true, lets start a petition or figure out how to resolve it. I'd like to know who manufactured the foam push rims for sportaid.

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    I was looking for tacky hand rims as well. I bought a pair from Melrose that were advertised as very tacky. At $315 a piece I was really hoping I was getting some high quality hand rims. When they came one was some what tacky and the other one was very slick. I sent the slick one back and the replacement one that came was just as slick as the one I returned. I scoured the internet and came across a Canadian manufacturer of a new type of hand rim. Bike-On carries them and they are called BBraver, The hand rims have a textured finish on the top of the hand rim. This material is also appears to be a little flexible. Anyways, I have found them to work for me in that I can push myself around the house without needing to wear gloves. The only drawback so far is that the textured covering does not go over the sides. The sides of the hand rim are metal. For me, since I push with my palms, not having the sides covered isn't a big deal. This does provide for a challenge when it comes to stopping. I'm working on trying how to stop myself without getting my hands burned. Finally, I thought the price of $475 for the pair was very reasonable. For the record I'm a C5-C6 complete.

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    I recently bought a pair of Fitgrips ( They do get dirty, but I bought the black ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaDutchman View Post
    Finally, I thought the price of $475 for the pair was very reasonable. For the record I'm a C5-C6 complete.
    $475 holy cow. I'm sorry but that's outrageous.

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    I used to buy the 90.00 foam pushrims at Sportaid as well. I am a para but they helped with my grip in icy/snowy conditions. Their sudden disappearance coinciding with the advent of sky high priced foam pushrim alternatives lead me to believe the industry paid lobbyists to get the cheaper alternative off the market. Much like the sudden "problem" with rotary van lifts causing the US disappearance of the cheaper lift leaving only the more expensive platform lifts or minivans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Extrmmxer View Post
    $475 holy cow. I'm sorry but that's outrageous.
    Remember though that is in comparison to the hand rims from Melrose which were $315 a piece.

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