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Thread: Any quad car enthusiast out there?

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    Yes, it was quite an impact. When I got back to Jersey I had blood in my urine and was beyond sore, so my neurosurgeon who did my spine work back in 95 got me in the hospital overnight and did a workup.
    Bladder was OK but I cracked 3 ribs and broke one rod.
    There was a full cage with 2 door bars, one real near the bottom; the tub wasn't rusty, but look at the accordion/compression damage in the top pic.

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    Hey haven't been on in awhile figured I'd check in , glad to see post still alive. Pfcs49, ever think about getting back into road course? After watching mThomson video , makes me want to get into it. I have a 99 mustang cobra chassis sitting in my driveway with full cage, built IRS, coil overs and tubular suspension. On another note I been working on transfers into cars and getting my manual chair, I'm dying to get behind a wheel again. My buddies have my saleen s351 , it's getting some upgrades along with a AODE and hand controls. It should be 625 + Rwhp. First car I'll be driving with hand controls lol.

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    This is a picture of her before I bought her.


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