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Thread: Newly injured c7 complete.

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    Newly injured c7 complete.

    I been home for two days now, I moved back into my parents house after living on my own for 10 years. The hardest part is losing my Independance, I know as time goes on I will gain a lot of it back as I am very strong minded and push myself hard.

    I just wanted to share my experience and how I ended up here , I was driving to visit a good friend of mine in the upstate New York area. A guy pissed off at the world drives right up my ass , goes around me and slows down so I sped up and got into the lane to the right of me as I did this he cuts me off and jams on the brakes. I am a pretty good driver I hit my brakes hard managed to miss him and other cars, but I slid off the road missing concrete divider and trees but my car caught a ditch and rolled 4x at 70 + mph with no seat belt. I some how remained conscious and remember it all, was even able to give emt/Police vehicle description , plate number and emergency contact numbers for them to call.

    I was brought to a local hospital first when they realized the severity of my injury , I was transferred to Albany med and operated on later that night, I had a c7 burst fracture that was very terrifying as the doctor put it. They removed my c7 , replaced withe another piece of bone and fused together. I then spent 2 months in the ICU on a vent for a month.

    Once I left there I went to mount Sinai rehab ( Great Facilty) for 9 weeks where I worked really hard to strengthen my arms which I'm thankful to have.

    Thanks for listening , Nick

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    Welcome to CareCure. You will find a lot of other people who have led the way in dealing with this type of injury, and who can provide you lots of information and advice. Please get active in all our forums.


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    Glad you found CC so quickly after getting home. There is no better place for getting critical information about spinal cord injuries. Just as important we are people who know what you are dealing with. Hopefully you will have a long satisfying life unfold in your future. I look forward to traveling along with you and lending a hand or an empathetic ear when you need it.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Nick, so sorry for your accident! Care Cure is a wonderful, wealth of information. You will get through this. Hopefully, you have supportive family and friends. My son is 31, c6/7, injured 11years ago and is living independently for the most part (has a helper for 2 hours every morning). Work hard, stay healthy, and learn all that you can about your injury! Best of luck to you!

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    Nick-welcome aboard!
    I see you're a car shop owner, car person and aquariast and were in NY State.
    I'm in NJ, love planted freshwater tanks, and am carsick! (
    Good luck with your recovery and new life-which is just starting!
    I built a hand-controlled 5spd VW Golf and road raced it for 3 years.
    I have a C6/7? buddy who has a Porsche 911 Sportomatic-one of his brags is getting two crips and two chairs into it! He also got married and has a kid!
    Keep on trucking', It gets better.

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    Thanks everyone! I been researching my injury from the day I could start using an iPad . I was looking up clinical trials, how to care for myself, others recovery, adaptive skills and so on. I don't plan on let this holding me back from living life one reason I joined care cure to learn from others.

    Phil that's pretty cool the hand controlled 5 spd I dream of being able to drive manual car again . I am into mustangs more specific saleen mustangs. I'm going venture down to pet store later this week going price out a new tank I'm thinking of getting an electric eel.

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    welcome Oneslowsaleen, nice to hear about your goals. Bet you will do well in reaching them. You ever want to talk about adapting a car or a bike look me up.

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    Worth mentioning since you have a car shop-my shop has been in business since 1971 and I ran it out of a wheelchair 1995 til retirement in 2012.
    Regarding planted tanks-I'm a "nature boy" and always enjoyed the solitude of being in the woods, turning over rocks, catching crayfish, etc.
    Today I bring nature into the house with my 240g planted tank that is designed so I can reach bottom from my chair and has a sliding hood on 1" miniature bearings for easy access.
    The rim is at armpit level. The filter is in the basement on a shelf that is pulled up (run) or down (service) on a pair of garage door runners and bearings.
    I named it Crip Zen 240
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    Well I'm already thinking about how adapt a car(motorcycle now that's got to be interesting) , cause I'm not going with no ordinary car , I'm going have/build a 1956 studebaker station wagon my father had given me with a sbf . Life's too short to drive a boring car! I do plan on running a shop from a chair. Pfcs49 I couldn't wait to get my tanks up from New York so I ordered a 29 gallon bio cube I'm going setup a saltwater nano reef, should be here Monday !! That is a beautiful tank, I hope to get one as large I had a 125 reef tank with 55 gallon sump at one time. Maybe I can dig up some photos.

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    Get hooked up with ASAP:

    I did the Cycle to the Sea ride a few years back, they've got a lot of great folks.

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