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Thread: What about virginia beach

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    The beach chairs are not powered. There are to go to the water and as we all know, water and electricity are not friends. Life is a compromise. Hotels are not cheap at the oceanfront and not much better off the oceanfront. Even here is Chesapeake, they hike it up for tourist season. If you are not too interested in getting into the water, come off season. It is still beautiful and the views are the same. The traffic is less and the prices better. Many of the shops close at the end of the summer but if that is not what you are looking for, off season can be great. Off season is after Labor Day and the weather here is still warm.

    The sand sculpture contest is at the end of August and we go every year. I think your timing depends on your tolerance for crowds and traffic. We locals prefer the off season.--eak
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    im good with that, is water still nice late September? rep
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    You can expect ~80deg water temps, give or take a few either way.

    Last Sept was ~82deg but it was also a crazy hot summer. It's 82 today.
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    very nice. sounds like it should be good r&r rep
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    let us know how it goes im thining of virginia beach to
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    Have dinner at House of Pi. I love VA Beach...:-)

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    rented the global extreme beach mobility chair. looks like fun. rep
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    Born and raised in VB. Hotel accessibility isn't an issue. Beach access is easiest at 1st St. Beach is the narrowest there, and there is a park on the sand designed for chair access called Grommet Island. Any beach front hotel between 1st and 30th will be on the boardwalk. That provides very easy access to the entire "strip" along Atlantic, Ave. I recommend staying in a hotel on the boardwalk of possible. Adult nightlife scene is most active between 19th and 25th-ish. The north end rentals (above 70th St) are quiet places to be, for the more serene beach vacation, but access to water up there is brute force only (dunes and deep sand for days until you reach the water). Not much to do other than watch the waves, go out to eat. Maybe take in a museum or two. Colonial Williamsburg and the first permanent settlement (Jamestown) is only ~35-45min away, which I really enjoy rolling around. Regardless, if you do come here, you better let me know so we can meet up for some libation.

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    So how was your trip?
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    hotel was very nice, weather was horrible, we left early. maybe 2 hrs of sun in 3 days lol. overall very accessible

    Quote Originally Posted by 24/7 Quad View Post
    So how was your trip? rep
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