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Thread: ideas for places to stay on beach in south carolina

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    ideas for places to stay on beach in south carolina

    figured i'd start my own thread. looking for nice resort/hotel on the beach in south carolina. recommendations? rep
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    In Myrtle Beach, SC this is the place we stay most often its like an apartment.
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    I always stayed at Wyndham but my sister is an owner, don't know how the rentals work. Like an apartment. If you have a beach chair that solves the loose sand problem, I have my arms though and just horsed through it.

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    In Hilton Head, either the Omni or the Westin beachfront properties.

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    I went down to the Omni on Hilton Head about a month or so ago. I thought it was pretty accessible and it was nice having an adults only pool and cabana area. All we wanted to do was drink/eat/sleep and there are two restaurants there so we didn't leave until the last day. Hilton Head also has bike paths everywhere which is nice if you want to go out for a push.

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