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Thread: Alternative leg bag straps

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    Alternative leg bag straps

    I noticed a few leg bag discussions so I thought I'd pass on the solution I came up with for my sister. When she started using a Foley cath a couple of years ago, we had problems with the elastic straps -- the kind that hook on to the buttons. As others have pointed out, the elastic can be stiff and leave marks on the patient's skin. I come from a crafting/sewing family, so I bought a few rolls of this at Hobby Lobby:

    It's 100% polyester and gives a gentle stretch. The holes easily fit over the buttons on the bag and after several months, if the elastic gets pulled out of shape, just cut a new strip. It's pretty inexpensive, so I bought colors to coordinate with my sister's skirts, even though the leg bag is hidden when she goes out. We girls like to have matching underthings. One of the nurses at her wound-care doc called them her "garters."
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