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Thread: windows 10

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    I have swapped upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10. Windows 10 seems good but I am still using Internet Explorer instead of the new Edge, because my antivirus software is not ready for Edge yet.

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    I tried twice upgrading from Windows 7, both times when I got to the login screen the keyboard or mouse wouldn't respond. It worked once if I disconnected my Wi-Fi adapter, but could never get it to work with the adapter plugged in. No big deal, Windows 7 is fine. I was mostly curious about if the Windows speech recognition was improved in Windows 10.

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    I have a few IT friends who have told me it works great and that it's everything that Windows 8 should've been. I'm happy with Windows 7 at the moment so I'll give it 6 months or so before I download the upgrade while it's still free but I'm going to let them work out some of the glitches here and there that come with new operating systems
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    I upgraded from windows 7 to 10 just to register the upgrade then converted back to windows 7, downloaded the full win 10 64bit .iso and installed it on new partition for duel boot.

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